Here you can find reviews on popular types winter hats men like to wear

Are you prepared to face the cold, winter months during your morning commute? Are you ready to participate in outdoor activities, like sledding, skiing, snowboarding and, of course, snow shoveling? Did you know that you lose 40 percent of your body heat through your head?

Retain your own body heat by wearing a men’s winter hat. Not only will it keep you warm, but you also can make a little fashion statement. Whether you need a business-appropriate or comfy, casual winter hat, you can find the best one to suit your needs here. The following are a few things to consider when you begin searching for winter hats men will be happy to wear:


Probably one of the first questions the male mind creates when searching for any piece of clothing is: Will this be comfortable? There is absolutely no point in purchasing a winter hat that you need to remove every couple minutes to get to an itch. Try it on before purchasing it. Does the material make you itch? Keep it on for a couple minutes to ensure that you like it. If you’re uncomfortable with wearing it for a bit right on the store’s floor, go to the dressing room and privately check its comfort level. If you purchase a men winter hat online, wear it around the house first, and return it if it does meet your comfort criteria.


Mohair, produced from Angora goats, is a great material for winter hats men enjoy sporting. This fabric is durable, warm, lightweight and insulating. Furthermore, mohair’s moister wicking properties keep moisture off your skin. Unfortunately for some, mohair tends to be itchy. However, designers have fixed this problem by putting a cotton or silk lining in these men winter hats.

In general, natural materials are better than synthetics, which are man-made materials known to be less breathable. Synthetics often give you a sweaty head, which may make your more susceptible to catching a cold.


The winter hats men choose depends on the outfit and personal style. If your daily attire includes a suit and tie, a dressy men winter hat, like a Fedora, is appropriate. If you work outdoors in the elements, you want to find a men wool hat with a cotton or silk lining. Go shopping when you’re still in your work clothes and try on your winter hat of choice before purchasing it. Don’t forget to look in the mirror.

Color options

Gray and black hats match everything. These neutral colors will literally complement any ensemble. Of course, if you wear a blue coat, then you might want a blue men winter hat to match. Earth tones, such as beige, tan and darker browns, look best with brown coats.

Don’t forget about matching scarves and gloves with winter hats, men. Oftentimes, these items can be purchased as a set. If they are not found together, do not stress over matching navies with other navies or tans with other tans. Remember, they will rarely be side by side. Just be sure the styles of your accessories complement one another.

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