Going to the beach for a morning or afternoon of fun in the sun is a very common practice for many families and several individuals.

Untold millions flock to beaches worldwide every year despite the health risks posed by the relentless sun. That is not to say or even suggest that nobody at the beach brings protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, but the question whether or not they bring enough. There are even questions whether certain items generally thought to offer protection from the sun are indeed effective. Such is the case with wide brim sun hats.

To understand whether or not wide brim sun hats protect one from the cancer-causing rays of the sun, one needs to understand the logic behind those claims both in support and against such an idea. Only then can weigh for themselves whether or not wide brim sun hats are a wise investment, a fashion statement or potentially both or even neither.

Favoring neither argument, it may be just as well to begin with fully exploring the argument that wide brim sun hats help protect against UV rays. The argument is that by placing an extra layer of material between the sun’s harmful UV rays and one’s delicate skin, that they will be protected. This is true to a point as UV rays come in two major types: A and B. While UV-B rays can be significantly impeded by many materials, UV-A rays have a tendency to push their way through fabrics. This means that in defense of wide brim sun hats, it is quite possible that the vast majority of UV-B rays are blocked from reaching the skin in the affected area. Since UV-B rays are primarily responsible for the exterior glow a skin takes on when tanned or burned, it stands to reason that wide brim sun hats offer protection that is quite visible. Obviously any skin outside the coverage of the wide brim sun hat remains as protected or vulnerable as it was before.

The naysayers argue that UV-A rays have been scientifically proven to penetrate many materials including glass and skin. It is possible that a significant amount of UV-A rays penetrate thinner wider brim sun hats and eventually reach the flesh underneath. The problem is that most forms of UV-related skin cancer are thought to be the direct results of exposure to UV-A rays and not UV-B rays. Therefore, the question is: what portion of UV-A rays do wide brim sun hats actually block? Some vendors answer this by equating SPF ratings, which may focus more on UV-B coverage. The results are that we truly do not know how well wide brim sun hats protect against UV-A rays, but it would seem that they must offer some level of protection.

The sun hats are common accessories in summer as they keep the sun off your face when you are outdoors. The wide brim sun hats provide you with the much needed shade especially during the sunny days. These hats apart from providing protection are very stylish and versatile. These hats are hugely popular because of this very reason since a long needed update.

The wide brim sun hats make the ultimate fashion statement and are very popular among people. You can make an assessment about the quality of such hats by inspecting it the brim of the hats is wide enough. The material from which the hats are manufactured should allow you to breathe. You should remember that most of the sun hats are straw hats. However, there are other materials which are used to manufacture these hats. This is the basic reason for the different versions of these wide brim sun hats.

When you actually go shopping for these hats, you will notice that these hats are available in varying qualities. The hats are of the best quality have a kind of smooth creamy look and the weave is quite fine. You will find that most of the wide brim sun hats are not expensive. This basically applies if you are looking for the hat to be worn for fashion. These hats are suitable for people of almost all age groups and you can definitely make a style statement by them. These sun hats are available in department stores, sporting goods stores along with the online stores.

I suggest you to shop for these hats on the Internet as you will get a wider range of styles and price there. You should definitely try these wide brim sun hats out for creating the style statement.

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