Hats are the most important in keeping you warm when it’s cold out and with ladies winter hats available in both functional and stylish designs there is no excuse not to have one.

There are winter hats available at all price ranges in both functional and stylish design. The most elegant winter hats often have a brooch pin with an elaborate design or some other decorative stitched or fabric piece on them. These pieces can complete an outfit wonderfully and are the most appropriate accessory to include when dressing up in the winter season.

At the lower end of the price range these fancy winter hats can be quite charming but for an elegance stick to a minimalist design to avoid the dress down feel some of the decorative pieces have. For an inexpensive way to add some elegance to your hat add a tasteful and fancy pin or a simple appliqué to a plain and inexpensive winter hat you like. A similarly designed piece purchased already made might cost twice as much.

For a more functional purpose the material becomes very important. While a cotton material might work great in a dry cold, it is better to stick to wool or synthetics when it is wet or snowy as their warming power is not diminished as much by the moisture. A boiled wool hat is a great choice for a great winter hat that can be fashioned in any style making it both functional and stylish. Other wools, like knit wools, can be manipulated similarly to fit any style. Fleece is a great material for a ladies warm winter hat and is often used in lining inside of wool caps as well as in ear muff extensions on the hat or the warm neck flap.

Every part of the hat offers you protection so extensions from it only help keep you warmer. Your ears and neck are a great example of places that you can easily cover with a hat to help you maintain your body heat with your hat outdoors in the winter. A good design for a functional winter hat should allow you to pull it down over your ears and preferably down as low as your scarf against the back of your neck.

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