Welcome to Amish Furniture Specialties

We are located in California. Come visit our showroom or online website, and see just how beautiful wood furniture can be.  We are the supplier of  Amish furniture retailer since 1993. Our products are purchased from Simply Amish, a collection of Amish furniture from 90 Amish shops building over 2000 unique items.
Our furniture is not built on an assembly line or in a factory. Every single piece is built with care and personal attention by Amish craftsman in small shops located on their homesteads. Once the Amish craftsman receives your order, the building begins. Before your furniture leaves the shop, the builder makes sure that your furniture meets the high standards they demand. Each piece is truly unique. Locally owned and operated since 1993, we even have our own delivery trucks, and delivery staff so everything stays right here in the Rockford area. Be sure to stop in and shop around today!

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What We Do For Our Customers

No matter the room or the item, we can help you display it with style! We pride ourselves in having durable and beautiful furniture designed to be handed down from generation to generation. With quality construction and enduring designs, Simply Amish living room furniture will hold its value decade after decade.

Our goal is to provide a friendly, low-key customer environment where customers’ needs and questions can be answered by our knowledgeable sales associates. We will show you some of the highest quality wood furnishings that are available in today’s market.

Amish Furniture Specialties has unbeatable service and great products. We look forward to having you come visit our location where we will do our absolute very best to make you feel like a guest in our home. We want to make your furniture buying experience stress-free and hassle-free. We will not take your business for granted. We want to provide you with the best value for your furniture dollar with furniture made in the U.S.A. We are specialized in making wood pipes antics. It is an alternative pipe to glass bong. Our wood pipes are well designed and with high-quality material.

AM Place | Green Screen Studio

In addition to the new collection, we have a new range of products for home video making or film making such as cameras holder, camera, green screen studio fixture or white screen. Click this link to check brand supplier and prices.